Seventh Generation Party!

I’m hosting a Seventh Generation Healthy Baby Home Party next month! I’m so excited to be part of this team. Seventh Generation is a wonderful company and I’m delighted to share their products, free samples, and free coupons with my friends and family. I can’t wait for this party!

Hello from the other side!

I have been so busy I forgot I even had a blog! Let’s see, this last year has brought so much excitement. I got married & had a baby! A sweet little girl. Miss Elizabeth is already 5 months old and getting bigger every day. She’s truly a blessing.

I’ve been reading more of the word lately. Trying to get closer with God. My husband and I have been sick these last few days, and he asked me to pray for him the other day. I did, but I thought to myself “I don’t really know how to pray for healing.” So, I found a book on our bookshelf “Understanding the healing power of God”and picked it up. I opened to the quote below.

“When our faith teams up with His power, recovery from sickness and disease begins!”

Think about that! Pray for power, pray for peace, and pray for abundant blessings! You will be rewarded for your faith and perseverance!

I am pleased to say my husband and I are no longer sick, healed by our wonderful God.

The Noah Tree

I had such a spiritual dream last night. My boyfriend, Jason, and I were walking hand in hand on a frozen lake. I heard the Lord instruct me to have a seat on a rigid piece of ice nearby. As I sat, a group of men came over, Jason included, and started cutting into the ice. Under it was a tree, called The Noah Tree. Around us formed a tea cafe; A beautiful building with wood floors, filled with people. Jason picked the tree and gently blew it’s seeds over me, the seeds looked like those of a dandelion. As they brushed my skin, I could feel the overwhelming love of God all around me. I took some of the seeds and placed them on man next to me, and the woman on my other side. I could see them physical experience God’s love touching them. The tree sat in the center of the cafe, as Jason and I served tea to the guests; Tea and Christ.