Happy days!

Whew, this season has been a busy one! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and is having a wonderful New Year!

Praying for a season of abundance and joy to all!


Chickens & Kids

I love my chickens and I love my kids.

Having chickens was never something I thought would be for me. They’re messy, they can be smelly, and they bite! I’ve never been much of a farm girl, so when my husband said “Let’s get chickens!” I was a little apprehensive. I would have rather just gotten eggs at the store! But once we did our research, and educated ourselves, we realized chickens were a very wise investment. The price of eggs went up tremendously last summer, up to $5/dozen! That was crazy! We didn’t eat a lot of eggs, but really, that was just highway robbery! We did the math and realized we could just raise our own chicken for less. The cost of feed and supplies was cheaper than to buy eggs at the store. So, we jumped in! We bought 8 hens, red sex links. We fell in love with them. My son, Logan, really look to the girls. He’s been a huge help. From collecting the eggs, to feeding the girls, he’s there. I could not be more proud of him.

Little know fact, eggs that you buy in the store can be up to one year old. Think about that. I don’t want to eat a year old egg! But, the FDA allows that. I love the fact that I can go out to the coop, and grab an egg. I know where it came from, how long it’s been there, and what the hens have eaten. I know the living conditions of my hens. I know they aren’t stuffed in a cage their whole life. They get to run around and eat grass. They’re happy chickens.

We’ve since added to our flock and now have a total of 30 hens. It cam be a bit overwhelming at times, but the reward is so great, I wouldn’t change a thing.

I recommend everyone gets chickens!

Apple pie

I am in love with this time of year! The leaves are falling, the weather is cooling down, and apples and pumpkins are everywhere! It’s perfect!

This time of year is apple pie time around my house. We eat a ton of apple pies! It’s our comfort food for sure.

My recipe is simple, passed down from my mother in law. Apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar, & butter. Adjusted to your taste. The crust is simple, 2 cups flour, 2 sticks butter, 1/4 cup water. Cut the butter with the flour & mix the water in to combine. I’ve made a few pies in my day, but nothing is a tasty as this recipe.


Seventh Generation Party!

I’m hosting a Seventh Generation Healthy Baby Home Party next month! I’m so excited to be part of this team. Seventh Generation is a wonderful company and I’m delighted to share their products, free samples, and free coupons with my friends and family. I can’t wait for this party!

Hello from the other side!

I have been so busy I forgot I even had a blog! Let’s see, this last year has brought so much excitement. I got married & had a baby! A sweet little girl. Miss Elizabeth is already 5 months old and getting bigger every day. She’s truly a blessing.

I’ve been reading more of the word lately. Trying to get closer with God. My husband and I have been sick these last few days, and he asked me to pray for him the other day. I did, but I thought to myself “I don’t really know how to pray for healing.” So, I found a book on our bookshelf “Understanding the healing power of God”and picked it up. I opened to the quote below.

“When our faith teams up with His power, recovery from sickness and disease begins!”

Think about that! Pray for power, pray for peace, and pray for abundant blessings! You will be rewarded for your faith and perseverance!

I am pleased to say my husband and I are no longer sick, healed by our wonderful God.